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Dale CarlonI was born and raised in Reno, played little league baseball in the summers and ski raced for the Mt. Rose ski team during the winters. My first job was a busboy in the employee lounge at Harrahs in 1975. I graduated from Reno High in 1977 and joined the Reno Air Guard that summer. My Uncle, Wayne Adams, was the commander and he actually swore me in. Construction was booming in those days so I took up the trade and did everything from carrying rocks up the side of a hill to stabilize the dirt to running giant D-8 Catapillar dozers. When construction began to slow down I took a job with the City of Sparks. I started in the streets department but when I saw how great a job parks maintenance was (working in the green all day), I applied for a transfer. We took care of parks all summer and then split up into what was called “winter projects” once the sprinklers were turned off. One of those duties was trimming trees and I loved it. In September of the following year I was trimming a large tree on what was then called “B” street, now called Victorian Ave, and fell about 40’ breaking both legs, my left arm and my back as well as tearing the ACL in my left leg.

After my accident, I vowed to find a way to learn how to care for trees in a professional way and found out about the International Society of Arboriculture and its Certification for Arborists. It was great to be able to read the study guide at night and actually see examples of tree issues during the day so passing the test came fairly easy. A few years later I was able to start the Urban Forestry department in Sparks and ran that until I left in 2005. The following year I was awarded a contract to inventory all the city owned trees in Sparks. The year after that I completed tree inventories for Hawthorne Army Depot, Silver Creek Condos, River Run Condos and Oakcrest Buisness Center. I was contracted to conduct and inventory/management plan for Caughlin Ranch in 2012. I just completed an inventory/management plan for the Tanamera condo complex and am working on an inventory/management plan for Genoa Lakes HOA and an inventory/GPS mapping project for the City Of Reno. The Reno job will be about 24,000 trees.
So far I have walked 26,000 trees since 2011 and have loved every minute of it. I look forward to walking hundreds of thousands more before I’m done.
         -- Dale Carlon
Throughout my career in trees I have always tried to do what had the most impact. When I was young at Sparks, it was trimming as many trees as perfectly as possible. When I was the Forester I strove to inspire my crew and show the public the importance of trees in the city. When TMWA hired me I put everything into doing the best consultations I could and providing folks with the right answers to their tree problems. Today, I am proud to say that our inventories and management plans make a difference in how trees are perceived and valued. Our inventories not only use the I-Tree software to put a real dollar value, required maintenance and GIS mapping to privately owned forests, but give those in charge of that care the ability to plan and accurately budget for this most important part of their property.

If you think about it, we have entities that take care of trees on public property; the city, county and state all have forestry people. Yet most of the trees in our community live on private property. Don’t these trees bring as much value as those on public lands? That’s what our team is all about: protecting the trees on private land in our community.
Urban Forestry for Our Community
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