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Our Services
From mapping and appraisals to helping our customers plan a detailed budgeting and management plan, the services we provide allow for the implementation of a program that adds environmental and monetary value to homes and communities.
Our Services
Tree Inventory and Management Plans:
Using the I-Tree software and a handheld computer with accurate GPS we conduct an inventory of all the trees at a site. We gather the following information:
  • Land Use
  • Street Address
  • Diameter at Breast Height
  • Maintenance Required/ Priority
  • Sidewalk Damage Overhead Wires
  • Condition
  • Irrigation (existing/not present/ needs upgrade)
  • Cost for Required Maintenance
When the information is uploaded into the computer the I-Tree software gives us:
  • Benefit/ Cost analysis that takes energy savings, storm water sequestration air quality improvement, carbon dioxide sequestration, carbon storage and aesthetic values to give us a dollar figure on what the forest is worth. The program then takes the costs to maintain the forest that we have previously entered and shows us the net benefits and how we can improve.
  • Resource/ Structural Analysis that includes: Species distribution, population summary age distribution, importance values as well as maintenance needs and priorities.
  • Replacement Values are also calculated that provide what the appraised value of the trees would be if destroyed.
The tree inventory that Dale Carlon Consulting provided allowed us to efficiently manage the 4000 trees in our community. Dale identified our hazard trees and our unhealthy trees that we were able to remove and keep our residents and our infrastructure safe.
         -- Lorrie Olsen, Caughlin Ranch Homeowners Association
Management Plan and Budget:
There are data fields within the I-Tree program that can be populated with unique properties. We have inserted a cost-fee schedule that allows us to assign a cost to the work that needs to be done. We can then come up with a “prescription” of what needs to be done. The property owner/manager can then plan for the work, budget it and when it comes time to call an Arborist they can hand them the prescription, a map showing where the trees are, ensuring that each bid will be on what is prescribed, not on what the tree company wants to do. All the while the owner/manager knows what the work should cost and can decide which bid is best.
Urban Forestry for Our Community
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